The Changing Seasons: April 2020

We are not required to wear a mask when we run in Singapore. But when I caught a bug at the end of March and had to undergo testing for Covid19, I decided that I should mask up when I hit the pavement. So, April running was re-learning how to breathe differently while running. I cherish the time outdoors, so no complaints.

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The Changing Seasons: March 2020

I have been Socially Distant since the beginning of February.

Dramatic though this may sound, in fact it is not, as I am not inclined to a great deal of socialising anyway. Having said this, when one should not, can not, must not do Something, that Something becomes all the more attractive as it suddenly become the focus of attention. So, even for an reclusive introvert like myself, I find myself missing my friends and family. Continue reading “The Changing Seasons: March 2020”