Satisfying Experiments: Basque Burnt Cheesecake

Thank you Amanda & Sandy for inviting me to be a guest for Friendly Friday Photo Challenge. I am so thrilled to share Something Different with you both!

In the spirit of experimentation, we made several versions of this delightfully different cheesecake to suit the the varied palates of the household. We (including neighbourly taste-testers we roped in) are still split after several attempts. Some of us love the taller silkier version. The others prefer the uniformly firmer texture of the shorter slice. We do all agree that we love the intense, smokey caramelised top & bottom of both versions.

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Glazing Fruit

Younger Daughter and I have been experimenting with different cupcake flavours & combinations.  This is quite a novel approach to baking for me as I’ve always opted for the quick & easy; everything in one-pot?  even better!

So, this journey of discovery, which is recorded in part in Crazy Little Cupcakes,  takes me a little away from my comfort zone.  Younger Daughter is quite adventurous and I have to check myself often not to curb her enthusiasm!  So what if she wants to make a curry cupcake! Bring the spice on! Continue reading “Glazing Fruit”

A Cookie Baking Sort of Day: Norwegian Christmas Butter Squares

It has been overcast and we found ourselves with a whole day at our disposal; naturally, cookie-baking was in order.

Older Daughter found this recipe while combing through Tumbler.  She thought they were shortbread cookies, but in fact, they are the opposite of short:  these are rich & buttery but are also chewy. Continue reading “A Cookie Baking Sort of Day: Norwegian Christmas Butter Squares”