back to the museums

Our first family outing to a public place: the museum, of course. On this occasion, the Asian Civilizations Museum, to view the Jewellery gallery which was being renovated and reopened just a few days before Singapore imposed its Circuit Breaker (lockdown) in early April.

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Don’t Panic!

As a teen, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy entertained and delighted me. Since then, I have read the sequels (all 4 of them – I have not yet gotten to Eoin Colfer’s 6th of the series), watched the serialisations & movies (although I found them not as satisfying), sampled Neil Gaiman’s Don’t Panic, reread the books and introduced them to my offspring.

After several conversations yesterday with family in Arizona & London, I fell into an uneasy sleep, with thoughts of their safety and well-being in the midst of this growing madness. Continue reading “Don’t Panic!”

part of a whole

A fraction isĀ a part of a whole.

In my unmathematical mind (despite having taken numerous Calculus classes), that pretty much sums up my understanding of fractions. Everything in school math involving fractions was done by rote. After school, encounters were largely practical (1/4 tsp salt, 1/2 tablespoon vanilla essence, etc) Continue reading “part of a whole”