Wholemeal & Oat Soda Bread for a Tea Party

My first (and I feared, last) attempt ended in the bin – very seldom have I faced culinary defeat so complete that no one could/would eat it. But when I spied Del’s delicious bake on CurlsnSkirls, my soda bread fire reignited.

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Buckwheat-Spelt Loaf

The nutty aroma of today’s bake fills my kitchen as it rests on the wire rack. Sigh of relief follows when the loaf is finally cool enough to slice. One of the joys and tensions of trying out & substituting new flours is wondering if it will all work out. Looking forward to slathering it with butter. Maybe I will use some to make sandwiches for Loving Husband’s Lunch Bag tomorrow. Continue reading “Buckwheat-Spelt Loaf”