Superfood #3: Dragonfruit

It’s Dragonfruit season!  and hence, I am a recipient of several of these beautiful fruit!

I am not a fan of the Dragonfruit … at least not before this recent encounter.  The fruit always seemed like a pale reflection of the kiwifruit.  I liked the texture of the flesh with the crunchy seeds, but found it mostly tasteless. It was not a fruit I would pick up at the fruit counter, or at a buffet. Continue reading “Superfood #3: Dragonfruit”

Ensemble Multilatérale: Advocates for Music of Today

Modern Music?  No thank you, would have been my response before today.  I am a Baroque Fangirl through and through.  Okay, maybe a little classical and a smattering of Romantic is fine as well.  But apart from film music (I love John Williams & Howard Shore), any music written for orchestra or chamber groups after the 1900s would not hold much appeal for me.

Until tonight.   Continue reading “Ensemble Multilatérale: Advocates for Music of Today”

Music soothes Longing

This is written in response to Daily Post’s Daily Prompt, Longing

There are times in my life when I feel an inexplicable sense that something isn’t quite right in the universe, a longing for something that I can’t articulate; this is a feeling that Loving Husband has termed my “existential loneliness”.  In these instances, the one thing that I turn to which helps soothe the persistent ache is music. Continue reading “Music soothes Longing”