Sweet Potato Cupcakes: an unexpected deliciousness!

I’ve never had sweet potato in cake before.  So, when I found myself with 1.6kg of sweet potato to use up, I searched through my recipes for something we could make.  I found a gem in one of my favourite cupcake resources: Cupcakes with Attitude. Continue reading “Sweet Potato Cupcakes: an unexpected deliciousness!”


A Splashing Good Time!

Younger Daughter & Loving Husband really enjoyed swimming pool at The Haven on this previous holiday to Ipoh. They were in the pool/jacuzzi religiously twice a day, every day we were there.

What’s not to like … slides, jacuzzi, seahorse infinity pool … a lot of water fun! Continue reading “A Splashing Good Time!”

Brekkie is the Best!

I love breakfast!

Never thought I’d hear myself saying this as I really am not a morning person.  I still can’t eat first thing when I wake up, but a couple of hours later, I really enjoy this first meal of the day.  And breakfast foods, I could eat them all day long: pancakes, oatmeal, omelettes, French toast … what am I saying, I do eat breakfast foods for lunch, and sometimes, even for dinner! Continue reading “Brekkie is the Best!”

Is anyone out there?

“I write for myself” was the excuse I used for the longest time for anyone who suggested that I made public my scribbles.  I was even a little embarrassed when my Big-Hearted Brother bound some of my poetry into a book as a birthday gift some decades ago.

But the reality is, whether one writes for catharsis or because there are things that just need to be said or for a particular purpose, there is a part of us that fears no one will read what is written, that they will be abandoned in a Jasper Fforde-ian Lost Well of Plots. Continue reading “Is anyone out there?”