Dwarves & Gnomes

I have spent a better part of the week thinking about what clever photo I could take to capture the idea of Dwarf, as featured by Debbie at TravewithIntent’s One Word Sunday Challenge. I’m was going to resort to my archives when I ran past a pair of Gatekeepers of the Hilton Hotel on Orchard Road a few nights ago. They were lit in a pretty sinister manner and I wondered then if they might qualify (referring to statuary, as opposed to stature).

Ran past them again this morning, and since I have had no joy with a clever interpretation of the challenge, here is Qin Shu Bao (1975) by Aw Eng Kwang. Qin Shu Bao was a Tang Dynasty general, whose image adorns many a door & gateway of homes, temples & businesses in China ( (and apparently, the Hilton Singapore)) as a Door God

Last night, I spent a rousing evening with the Singapore Symphony Orchestra who played from Balakiev, Borodin & Mussorgsky. The feature of the evening was Pictures from an Exhibition by Mussorgsky. I loved this piece as a teen, but what I only learnt from the programme notes last night is that Mussorgsky wrote this for piano. The version I have often listened to is an orchestral rendition by Ravel.

In the spirit of Debbie’s challenge, Part 2 of the piece is called Gnome. I know a gnome is not a dwarf, but in terms of statuary, maybe one can accept that they are not so different.

Pictures at an Exhibition: Part 2 Gnome,  Piano version by Mussorgsky

Pictures at an Exhibition: Part 2 Gnome, Orchestrated by Ravel


Beautiful Bangkok

One of my favorite cityscapes as I run the bicycle path between Lumpini and Benjakitty Parks in Bangkok this week.

My contribution to Debbie’s One Word Sunday, Afar.

Thanksgiving: Pumpkin Cupcakes with Maple Syrup Frosting

May your Thanksgiving Celebrations be filled with much love & joy!

Crazy Little Cupcakes

The month of November is a season of being thankful.  We celebrate many birthdays: Dad, Por Por, Godma, Aunty Kem and Aunty Janice. We are grateful for them in our lives!

I am also excited because every Thanksgiving we go to Aunty Janey’s home.  Aunty Janey is a great baking friend.  This cupcake is inspired by the pumpkin pie she makes.  Pumpkins also remind me of Fall, so this is a good time to make it.

Hope you enjoy this tasty cake!  Love, Jo

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Cute Halloween Cupcakes

Younger Daughter and I share our love of baking cupcakes in this blog. This one is for those who are gearing up for Halloween.

Crazy Little Cupcakes

It will be Halloween soon, and I have never made ghost-y cupcakes before.  So I decided this year I would try.  These cute cupcakes are for some spooky fun.  Hope you enjoy them.  Trick or Treat!  Love, Jo

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Pussy Cat Pussy Cat Where Have You Been?

We are off to London today!

We will spend the next 7 weeks with our family, celebrating Christmas, New Year and then Chinese New Year before we head back to Singapore.

Some of the things we are looking forward to:

  • revisiting Brick Lane & our fave food stalls there: Vegan Ethiopian cuisine at the Boiler House Food Hall , many many bagels & challah at Beigel Bake. Then to finally check out Dark Sugars, which up to now, we’ve only pressed our noses up to the glass
  • oogling at the Lush Flagship Store
  • slurping many many milkshakes at Gourmet Burger Kitchen
  • spending time with friends & family in & around London

It will be a busy couple of months .. we fully intend to enjoy it all!

Blessed Christmas to you!

Photo taken on 20 Dec 2014, St Paul’s Cathedral, London