Songs to Remember

I went to a David Haas concert this past Friday without really knowing what to expect.  I knew very little about this songwriter but I went along for a ride anyway (read: Older Daughter wanted to go, and I was the Driver).

I was very chuffed to find out that I knew more songs than I’d thought – they are songs I sing in church but without knowing who wrote them.  The evening turned out to be part concert, part worship service; it was a rousing & heart-warming time of singing, praying & raucous laughter (turns out he is a skilled & humorous storyteller!). Continue reading “Songs to Remember”

Bless the Lord, My Soul: a Taize prayer

We sang this at choir practice yesterday, as a prayer as well as in preparation for mass next week.  I feel inspired to share this for the Mixing Media challenge. Continue reading “Bless the Lord, My Soul: a Taize prayer”

One of my Favourite Places: Bukit Batok Nature Park

This is a small nature reserve where I enjoy  a morning hike, or a run/walk on a more energetic day.

There are many beautiful sights to behold, just like this one.

Expanding My Musical SoundSpace

Last week, I was treated to two world-class performances by two locally-grown choirs: “ONE with Andre van der Merwe” by ONE Chamber Choir & “Szhizophonia” by the SYC Ensemble Singers.  I have never been so proud to be Singaporean! Continue reading “Expanding My Musical SoundSpace”

Analog to Digital: yay or nay?

This week’s Discover Challenge: Analog, has given me much food for thought.  I have considered my own transition from the analog to digital world: what I like, dislike; embraced, rejected;  considered, disregarded.  I considered friends who have very definite analog pursuits like reading print books, listening to vinyl records, scrapbooking vacations & special occasions.  Even closer to home was Older Daughter, who has a long-standing fascination with fountain pens & developed a related interest in calligraphy.

I was very much at a loss to name analog passions I engage in as I came to the realisation that I have embraced many things digital, and in fact, if not for technology, would find it difficult to enjoy many of these activities. Continue reading “Analog to Digital: yay or nay?”

Conducting a Choir: a short-lived experiment

Almost 3 years ago, Older Daughter took up the challenge of directing one of our church choirs.  Shortly after, I started singing with that choir.  It was good to get back to choral singing as I had not sung in a group since high school. Continue reading “Conducting a Choir: a short-lived experiment”

I Love Marching Bands

I’ve loved Marching Bands ever since college football days.  We were blessed with a decent football team and a Marching Band to boot.  There is something very uplifting and inspiring about the Band playing on a crisp autumn day during half-time – they made you want to stand up on the bleachers, dance & cheer! Continue reading “I Love Marching Bands”