because we were home on a Friday night: PB&J Ice Cream

We found ourselves home on a Friday night. As has been the case for most nights since the COVID-19 outbreak occurred in Singapore last month. We decided to put ourselves on social quarantine in addition to other precautionary measures, given my compromised lung condition.

So, we found ourselves home. For our amusement, we decided to try our hands at making ice cream. Since we do not have an ice cream maker, we opted for a custard based recipe and hoped for the best.

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Simple Joys: Walnut Bread

I take solace in baking bread: the comfort of a familiar process, the contentment of dough in my hands, the glee at a loaf out of the oven. Simple Joys.

This walnut bread is one of Loving Husband’s favourites so I make it once a week. It is packed with walnuts & wholewheat flour (read: healthier) and is great for slathering with butter. For those who are not fans of kneading, this recipe happily does not require a great deal of it.  Continue reading “Simple Joys: Walnut Bread”

Buckwheat-Spelt Loaf

The nutty aroma of today’s bake fills my kitchen as it rests on the wire rack. Sigh of relief follows when the loaf is finally cool enough to slice. One of the joys and tensions of trying out & substituting new flours is wondering if it will all work out. Looking forward to slathering it with butter. Maybe I will use some to make sandwiches for Loving Husband’s Lunch Bag tomorrow. Continue reading “Buckwheat-Spelt Loaf”

Banana Walnut & Date Cake

Is this a banana cake or banana bread? I’ve done some reading and I don’t think there really is a clear divide or definition. Whatever it is, this is a wonderful recipe, taken from Anita Bean’s The Runner’s Cookbook, which is healthier (on account of the wholemeal flour, lower amount of brown sugar and vegetable oil) moist, tasty, and it keeps for a long long long time. I freeze mine and take it out over a few weeks  to refuel after my runs, or to enjoy with my cup of tea. Continue reading “Banana Walnut & Date Cake”

Homemade Muesli

It all started when the store ran out of my regular muesli. After several trips to check on availability of My Favourite Brand, I decided to take the matter into my own hands and research making my own muesli. To my surprise (and delight!), I discovered just how easy it is to throw together my personalised concoction. I don’t know if My Favourite Brand ever came back onto the shelves; I haven’t looked. Continue reading “Homemade Muesli”