early wet mornings

It is unusual for me to be up at 6pm and sitting at my writing space (I have taken over a portion of my dining table & set up shop there). If I am up at this time of day, it is typically for a run. But I was met with a dramatic thunderstorm upon waking and so I find myself here; the Southwest Monsoons have been enthusiastically watering our little island with thundershowers these past few days.

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in search of Apple Pie for our Virtual Tea Party

One of my fondest memories of living in Texas in the 1980s is dessert Pie. I took to this quintessential American dessert like a duck to water. Pumpkin, pecan, apple, rhubarb, key-lime, black bottom, peach, peanut butter … the list goes on. I abashedly claim that in my heyday, I polished off most of a full-size pumpkin pie! I paid for it shortly – I don’t think I touched another pumpkin pie for months after that.

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Satisfying Experiments: Basque Burnt Cheesecake

Thank you Amanda & Sandy for inviting me to be a guest for Friendly Friday Photo Challenge. I am so thrilled to share Something Different with you both!

In the spirit of experimentation, we made several versions of this delightfully different cheesecake to suit the the varied palates of the household. We (including neighbourly taste-testers we roped in) are still split after several attempts. Some of us love the taller silkier version. The others prefer the uniformly firmer texture of the shorter slice. We do all agree that we love the intense, smokey caramelised top & bottom of both versions.

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