fruit of a different route

I am a creature of habit. If left unchecked, I will drive by familiar roads, walk by the same paths, cook tried & tested family favourites. Yet, because someone wise told me long ago that I should break routine at least once a day for the purposes of stimulating  creativity, I try to shake it up a little when I can. Continue reading “fruit of a different route”

little surprising treasures

“Darling, when you run tomorrow morning, see if you can find this?” came this request as he pushed his computer in front of my nose. Peering at his photograph of what looked like a sweet bun nestled among leaves, I looked enquiringly at him as Loving Husband explained that he chanced upon this curiosity, stark against the dark of foliage, made even more interesting in the twilight hour of his run in the Singapore Botanic Gardens. “I want to know what it looks like now” he explained. Continue reading “little surprising treasures”

Refashioning Rules

Screen Shot 2018-09-18 at 3.06.44 PM

As I ran down Orchard Road this morning, I mulled over Debbie’s OneWordSunday prompt, Rules.  I have, at the behest of Older Daughter who is my consultant in all things poetic, started reading & working through Stephen Fry’s The Ode Less Travelled: Unlocking the Poet Within. Reacquainting myself with metre & rhyme will hopefully give me more control; if I want to play outside the box, it would be good to first get to know the box. Continue reading “Refashioning Rules”

A-ha! SingPoWriMo Day 1-5 Update

It has been an educational 5 days:

  • 5 days, 5 poems released into the Wild
  • I’ve tried a Somonka & a Ghazal, both of which I’ve only become acquainted with this week.
  • every day is a challenge not to faint from intimidation, being amongst much younger, hugely intellectual and as far as I can surmise, extremely talented poets
  • going back to the basics & asking the question: Why do we write Poetry?  (Thoughts, anyone?)

Continue reading “A-ha! SingPoWriMo Day 1-5 Update”

Scale: Lesson 3 Experiment with Size

Younger Daughter wanted paint & breakfast in the Gardens.  So, I entertained myself while she did her thing.  I was sitting there, minding my own business, at the edge of Swan Lake, when this little guy started towards me.  For a caterpillar, he moved alarmingly fast!  Since I had this flower at my disposal, I put it in front of him, hoping to slow him down so I could get a shot in.  He decided that the petal of the flower made a good breakfast, so I had a little time with him.  Apparently, he is a Tussock Moth Caterpillar, with his tufts of fuzzy hair which makes him so adorable! Continue reading “Scale: Lesson 3 Experiment with Size”