How do you express yourself?

This week I am challenged to think about how different people Speak Out.

I love Wall Art! and that they are used to express feelings & ideas which are not necessarily mainstream (see Feature Photo: one of my favourite sights at the head of Brick Lane, along Bethnal Green Road) Continue reading “How do you express yourself?”

Robert Indiana: A Fascination with Numbers

Among the many Pop Artists who grace us with art for thought, Robert Indiana is one of my favourites.   I love the immensity & simplicity of his 3-D depiction of LOVE, one of which is currently residing in the courtyard of Winsland House II. Continue reading “Robert Indiana: A Fascination with Numbers”

Songs to Remember

I went to a David Haas concert this past Friday without really knowing what to expect.  I knew very little about this songwriter but I went along for a ride anyway (read: Older Daughter wanted to go, and I was the Driver).

I was very chuffed to find out that I knew more songs than I’d thought – they are songs I sing in church but without knowing who wrote them.  The evening turned out to be part concert, part worship service; it was a rousing & heart-warming time of singing, praying & raucous laughter (turns out he is a skilled & humorous storyteller!). Continue reading “Songs to Remember”

My Backyard: loving what we have

When we travel, we put in a great deal of effort to research places we want to visit: museums & shows we want to go to, food we want to eat, vistas we want to gape at.  And yet, we often hear that one does not have time to visit places of interest in one’s own hometown.  I wonder why that is. Continue reading “My Backyard: loving what we have”

Bless the Lord, My Soul: a Taize prayer

We sang this at choir practice yesterday, as a prayer as well as in preparation for mass next week.  I feel inspired to share this for the Mixing Media challenge. Continue reading “Bless the Lord, My Soul: a Taize prayer”

They Who Keep Me Real

To be true to myself  was my mantra as an angst-ridden teen & young adult.  But what does that mean?  What is the cost of that?  How does it end up with me slapping on so much face paint on that the real me is lost? Continue reading “They Who Keep Me Real”