100% Chocolate

Loving Husband & Older Daughter love dark chocolate, even the very bitter 100%. Younger Daughter and I prefer ours much sweeter and perhaps, milkier.

In considering where bitter fits in my life, I think our taste buds have it right: sweet, salty, sour, bitter, and for the new gourmand, umami.  It all contributes to our experience of food, and in a larger sense, of the world around us.  It is about finding the right balance, the right combination, the right amount.

Some of us spend a great deal of time on our culinary pursuits, maybe because we like to eat, maybe because it is a metaphor for our lives.  Whatever the reason, bitter is part of the experience and one which we embrace because it is an integral part of the whole.

As Marc David reminds us in his article “The Brilliance of Bitter”, “Remember to take your bitter herbs to stimulate your metabolism and activate your nutritional-genetic potential. And remember the bitter times, just a little, so we can better appreciate the blessings that surround us each day.”


Beautiful & Thoughtful: the gift and the giver

This lovely purple furoshiki is a gift from Older Daughter.  She returned from a 2-week tour of Japan with her grandparents last night, and this is the beautiful & thoughtful gift she brought me; purple is my favourite colour, of course, and the double-sided pattern is very artistic!  The furoshiki is used by the Japanese to wrap all sorts of things;  Older Daughter says it is for me to use as a backdrop for my food pics.

A mother’s heart warmed.

It was going to rain

It was going to rain so it was overcast and cool; the air had that swollen feeling, like a watermelon ripe to burst; there was a eerie quiet despite traffic sounds in the distance.  I could hear the birds sing with clarity, smell the pond, feel the brush of the wind.  Everything was poised for something to happen …

But it never did.  No rain yet.

Still, a perfect morning on record.

Feature Photo: Pinecone Ginger Flowers at the Visitor’s Centre, Singapore Botanic Gardens.

Glittering Grass

As I sit at my usual window spot at Starbucks, I enjoy the airconditioning which makes an overcast & muggy day pleasant.  As I daydream in the relative cool, I  recall a message from my aunt in London that temperatures had climbed up to 18 degrees centigrade yesterday! Unseasonably hot for them.

While we had bemoaned the lack of snow while we were in London in December & January, it certainly wasn’t 18 degrees.  And we did have a flurry morning, so we did get to enjoy some of the magic of winter. Continue reading “Glittering Grass”

The Dream Machine

Waiting, waiting to wake up; meanwhile, anything is possible!

One of the reasons I love running on Orchard Road is the sculptures that appear on the pedestrian walkway.   This one by Niki de Saint Phalle was certainly a highlight!

Feature photo taken along Orchard Road: La Machine a Rever by Niki de Saint Phalle (1930-2002), courtesy of Opera Gallery, 16 Sep-16 Oct 2016.  Fiberglass & painted polyester sculpture completed in 1970.

Gracefully Clumsy

Loving Husband and I both have a skill which is particularly useful when we are out walking or running: we are both expert trip then catch ourselves & recover with aplomb folks.  The number of times we find ourselves tripping over our own feet but not sprawling all over the pavement is testament to this.

Allow me to echo what Loving Husband always insists:  “I’m not clumsy!  The road’s not even!”

Feature photo: Pavement outside Orchard Towers, Orchard Road

One of my Favourite Places: Bukit Batok Nature Park

This is a small nature reserve where I enjoy  a morning hike, or a run/walk on a more energetic day.

There are many beautiful sights to behold, just like this one.