patterns in nature

In response to Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Patterns in Nature, I have been pondering patterns. In nature. Through the week, I peered through hedges, looked up towards the treetops, squinted at little critters.

It occured to me that I often try to make sense of the world by attempting to give form to a thought, to fashion a shape for an idea, to find sense in an event: a pattern. Which is why this pandemic still brings about anxiety – imperfect patterns of infection, of process, of resolution.

On these occasions, turning my attention to nature gives much respite and comfort. I think I will spend my time there. Safely distanced. With my mask on.

21 Replies to “patterns in nature”

  1. Ferns are so pretty. I love the symmetry in trees too. Have I mentioned that I like trees?? 😉
    Oh, cute thing: This morning at outdoor mass, I noticed a tree with some leaves still in it (despite this being winter). Then I noticed that some of the leaves were actually birds. Then, all but maybe three “leaves” were darling little birds! So THAT’S where the singing was coming from. They were heralding our Lord at Mass!


  2. There is pattern everywhere in creation , I love your photo. it’s so important to focus on the little things sometimes it does give us reprieve from things that can be overwhelming. Have a beautifully patterned weekend.


  3. Beautiful photo of one of my favourite plants. Ferns hearken back to an era before time almost! Lovely reflections here and nature has been my saviour this past year … although on freezing cold grey days it’s harder to find the incentive to head out! You’ve given me a gentle reminder and nudge here. Thank you, Ju-Lun!


    1. Thank you for the reminder that ferns are ancient plants; my only thought was how pretty they are. I appreciate your understanding of what a comfort nature has been, and I am glad we share in how much we treasure our time spent in the outdoors, despite rain, snow, cold, or heat.

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