23 Replies to “Monday Mural: let the animals loose”

  1. A fun-looking mural. Because we are newly connected, thought I’d share a bit of me with you. Home is Cincinnati, Ohio USA …. and my prior blog lasted 11+ years. Unlike Beach Walk Reflections, that blog was very eclectic covering a wide range of topics … and I did 18 posts about some of the murals in my city. You are welcome to look … but not need to feel obligated to do so. https://afrankangle.wordpress.com/category/ohio/cincinnati/murals/


      1. I cherished the old one – my little corner of the world for 11+ years. The idea of closing came to me about a year earlier. I thought about it for months without saying anything. Then I floated the idea in a post to gauge reaction. Months later I wrote the closing, and it felt write … and then months later, the finale. However, I had the new blog in mind, and actually mentioned it’s possibility in my closing.


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