Monday Mural: parking in Ipoh Old Town

My mind is still on Ipoh, Malaysia. Loving Husband’s parents hailed from there and we look forward to visiting remaining family at least once a year. We are always very delighted by the street art we encounter.

This mural is particularly funny as parking in Ipoh Old Town is a hit & miss proposition at peak hours.

Ipoh, Dec 2019

This post is my contribution to Monday Mural hosted by Sami at ColourfulWorld.

20 Replies to “Monday Mural: parking in Ipoh Old Town”

  1. Terrific street art, Ju-Lyn – let’s just hope the cars are not parked in such a ramshackle manner! 😀 Street art has the great ability to surprise us, wake emotions when often we are on autopilot, trigger memories!


  2. Great photo and what a mural. It reminds me of how little I liked having a car – especially in the city. I remember our first night in Toronto back in 2004. We had just arrived from the US in the evening and I thought “Oh hey, we’re in a city – let’s drive around and find somewhere interesting to eat.” Drive we did but an hour later we hadn’t found decent parking and the traffic was horrible. We drove back home and got some (relatively boring) food from the restaurant next door. Two weeks later I drove our car for the last time and we gave it away to charity. We haven’t owned one since.


      1. I know! I really hated that. I haven’t owned a car in 17 years and it’s only recently that I stopped having dreams about forgetting where I parked! I love now that I don’t have to think about that – and any surprise expense that comes up can never be more than the price of a complete bicycle (assuming it’s stolen – usually repairs are MUCH cheaper) – which in the mid-range is the price of a mid-range car repair or the replacement of four tires. So I never have that sinking feeling of “What’s that (sound or smell) coming from the car? What’s going to go wrong now and what will it cost?”


  3. This made me laugh, and I made my husband get up from the couch to see it!
    Toronto can be like that to park, but not now, as we are in a lockdown.


    1. You made my morning, Jackie – the image of you & your husband poring over this mural!

      It is no fun at all endlessly circling in search of a parking spot. Our traffic situation was a dream during lockdown – but we didn’t really go anywhere, so well ….


  4. That is a funny mural, really made me smile. It actually reminds of a junk car yard. Thanks for participating in Monday Murals.


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