Gift of Hope

From Day to Night, the tree reminds me that we all need a little Hope this season.

As December fast approaches, our family has turned thoughts to what we would like to share with our family & friends this season.

Perhaps the message of this prominent pinwheel Christmas tree along one of my favourite run routes down Orchard Road is appropriate as we contemplate the coming of the Christ-child.

As we struggle to make sense and find our way in this new world, my hope for you is peace, joy and love.


This post is my contribution to One Word Sunday: Night hosted by Debbie at TravelWithIntent.

21 Replies to “Gift of Hope”

  1. I haven’t seen many lights yet, but the London streets have been switched on early this year, and I hope to take a peek soon, as our lockdown eases a little. But great to see a bit of Singapore and its lights. And I loved playing with the slider to get 2 different views


    1. Our lights also came on earlier this year. They must have figured we all need a bit of extra cheer!

      My favourite central London lights were always on Old Bond Street & St Christopher’s Place. I wonder if they will be decorated this year.


  2. Hope really matters. Amidst the the confusion and all, the light of hope will help us. Thank you for reminding us the beauty of hope ✨


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