Small Pleasures: healing plants & happy accidents

Took a stroll through the Healing Garden with Younger Daughter and was captivated by fruit & flowers on show.

Golden Lotus Banana flower

Happy accident found us when we attempted Green Pea Pakora for the first time. The recipe we followed wasn’t very robust and it took some tweaking before the ball-shape held (success on batch #3)

From bottom left, anti-clockwise: Chickpea flour crepe filled with curried potato & pea, pea & potato pakora served with baby carrots & butterhead lettuce.

We had lots of chickpea flour batter left so I we made it into crepe, and used the unformed pea-potato mix as the filling. Both turned out to be rather delicious!


I am encouraged & inspired by your small pleasures & things that make you smile. Hope you are also heartened by the following posts:

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