Small Pleasures: forest delights & city sights

Exploring Admiralty Nature Park with Loving Husband.

Came across these Nipah Palm beauties and also the ethereal green fungi shown in the Feature Photo.

A running companion in Loving Husband who doesn’t mind stopping to gawk.

Marina Barrage, looking out to The Singapore Flyer (right) and Marina Bay Sands (left)

Reading about your small joys & things that make you smile, encourage & inspire me. I hope you are also heartened by the following posts:

13 Replies to “Small Pleasures: forest delights & city sights”

      1. They can really add up! And coming back to click on the blogger links you shared in this post – sometimes that is how we meet some amazing new blog connections – not always but sometimes 😊🌺


    1. I have heard many friends complain about running with their spouses – and many who vehemently will not! (for the sake of marital harmony)

      When we first started running together, it was pretty much like you describe – we start & end in the same place, and cross the same terrain in between.

      But as the years have gone by, he has gotten into “slow” running, and so, we are able to run together on occasion – for our “dates”.

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