Small Pleasures: bee houses, cinnamon babka, pumpkins

Ran through the Ethnobotany Garden this week and stopped to gawk at these adorable bee houses. Apparently the stingless bees that nest in them were rescued from another part of the Singapore Botanic Gardens when their hives were disrupted during development.

Made a second babka after the first, though delicious, fell apart upon slicing. This attempt was also delicious, but held together better.

Crafty Older Daughter has begun our Halloween & Thanksgiving decorations.

I love to read Gratefulness posts (a Small Pleasure in itself) as they cheer me up tremendously. This week I am encouraged by:

18 Replies to “Small Pleasures: bee houses, cinnamon babka, pumpkins”

  1. Cinnamon babka. Yum. Did you post a recipe of this already, Ju-Lyn? I seem to remember you may have. Coincidentally, we are investigating getting a hive of stingless bees ourselves!


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