Marina Bay Skyline

I typically run in the mornings, but when I do a night run, this is one of my favourite routes – around Marina Bay: wide boulevards, scenic views, and on most evenings, a cool breeze.

This is my contribution to One Word Sunday: Skyline hosted by Debbie at TravelWithIntent. Photo taken in Oct 2017 and previously posted here.

22 Replies to “Marina Bay Skyline”

  1. It is a stunning piece of architecture. I was quite fascinated with the hotel. A friend used to have an apartment at the top floor of a condo on Orchard road. You could see the hotel from there between the skyscrapers. At night, the bay looks incredible in your photograph. What a great running track.

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    1. You’ve hit the nail right on the head, Amanda! This route feels exactly like a running track – I love being able to “look across” …. so much entertainment!

      The Fullerton is rather stunning, isn’t it? Your friend’s apt must have been wonderfully placed to afford such a view!

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      1. I was a bit envious of her apartment but the irony is that her husband and children were mostly away at work or studying at boarding school and university. So she lived there herself and I think was quite lonely.


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