Small Pleasures: rain run, good read & birthday cake

Running in the rain (drizzle preferred over torrential downpour) always brings a smile to my face.

Fountain at 1 Nassim

I am so delighted that there is a new generation of non-fiction which entertains & informs.

Birthday cake lovingly baked by BakerFriend Extraordinaire (white cake with my favouritest American buttercream) & considerately gifted several weeks after my birth day so I can continue celebrating through the month (and with some distance from the numerous cakes I consumed during my birthday week).

I enjoy so much & am inspired by Laurie’s Friday Favourites (NotesFromTheHinterland), ThistlesandKiwis’ This Week’s Small Pleasures, and LittlePiecesofMe’s Grateful Fridays. So, I am joining in with things that I am grateful for this week.

20 Replies to “Small Pleasures: rain run, good read & birthday cake”

  1. Happy belated birthday! That cake is lovely. Thanks for the shout-out. Next week I’ll include a link to your blog and to Thistles and Kiwis. (I am not familiar with Little Piece of Me, but I will check it out.) I didn’t link to your post this week because my Friday post was so glum that I figured it was best to only include my own gloomy thoughts.


  2. Happy birthday to you That cake looks delicious!

    I used to hate all rain and doing *anything* in it but lately in the summer I’ve stopped letting it be an excuse for staying in. I’ve been caught in a couple of torrential downpours on bike rides and it ended up being exhilarating.

    I’m not sure I’ll be able to say the same in a month or two when it is raining outside and the temperature is 3 degrees!


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