last photo for July 2020

I am not inclined towards complicated bakes, but Ambitious Younger Daughter wanted very much to bake a Celebration Cake for my Forever Young Mother’s birthday.

She designed the cake (4 layers with a hollowed out centre for berries), complete with the letter J for my Motherโ€™s initial.

We used King Arthur Flour’s Sourdough Carrot Cake (reduced the sugar & omitted the coconut) to make an extremely more-ish cake with a cream cheese frosting.

This post is my contribution to The Last Photo for July 2020 hosted by Brian at BushboysWorld

21 Replies to “last photo for July 2020”

    1. I didn’t realise that Carrot Cake was a favourite among so many of us! Apparently the recipe I followed is a Carrot Cake variation called a Hummingbird (includes pineapple & coconut – although I did omit the coconut).


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