under the baobab tree

We run/walk under this tree fairly often as it is along one of our favourite routes through the Singapore Botanic Gardens.

Recently we stopped to gawk at the strange looking fruit hanging off its high branches. Turns out the fruit have been wrapped in some sort of mesh.

Conveniently, this tree carries it own name tag with its many interesting, graphic names.

Googling Baobab tree, it appears that the fruit can be eaten and has immense health benefits.

Anyone care to speculate why the Rangers from the Gardens have wrapped up these fruit?

This post is my contribution to One Word Sunday: Fruit hosted by Debbie at TravelWithIntent.

5 Replies to “under the baobab tree”

    1. I noticed some fallen fruit on the ground with large holes in it – probably a squirrel or a bird got to the delicious insides! The shell of the fruit was quite tough.

      I wonder why they were protecting some of these fruit from the animals …


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