rain is kind to our garden

We have enjoyed many an overcast & rainy morning/afternoon. Just a couple of evenings ago we enjoyed an invigorating rain run as we pattered through drizzling streets. When the sun comes out from hiding, it becomes sweltering & blazing.

And all this has worked wonders to our little balcony family. They are thriving and extremely happy.

Feature Photo is our Purple Shamrock, which was gifted to us almost a decade ago.

Wishing you a safe & healthful week whatever the weather!

11 Replies to “rain is kind to our garden”

  1. Isn’t that a Carnation in the final photo, Ju-Lyn?
    I have not seen this purple shamrock before, either. I just read it is poisonous to cats and dogs. The flower is not all that dissimilar to one of our common weeds but the leaves are really distinctive and unique.


    1. Not a carnation, Amanda. Another friend has suggested it may be a Desert Rose – have googled & it looks like that may be it.

      We’ve always referred to the Purple Shamrock as the Butterfly plant because that’s what the leaves remind us of when they are gently fluttering in the breeze. I have heard that it is poisonous for dogs & cats but the opinion seems to vary as to whether humans can consume safely. Apparently it is supposed to be similar to wood sorrel.


      1. Interesting that it may be able to be eaten by humans! The desert rose looks a bit like a Carnation. I thought it was unusual to have a Carnation randomly growing.


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