back to the museums

Our first family outing to a public place: the museum, of course. On this occasion, the Asian Civilizations Museum, to view the Jewellery gallery which was being renovated and reopened just a few days before Singapore imposed its Circuit Breaker (lockdown) in early April.

The approach to the museum was as entertaining as the galleries themselves, as we enjoyed the serene riverside boulevard all to ourselves, save for a lone runner zipping by. Safe distancing at its best!

Boat Quay, some distance away across the river.

After a satisfying visit to quiet galleries, we head back home to contemplate and plan our next outing.

This post is my contribution to One Word Sunday: Distance hosted by Debbie at TravelWithIntent.

32 Replies to “back to the museums”

    1. We were all very glad to have this outing together. Usually it is just the Older Daughter and I. We are going as much as we can to the museums before a spike in numbers closes them again (that’s the pessimist in me speaking!)

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      1. Reclosings are very real. I borrowed some books from the library when it reopened, only to have the libraries close back up again after spikes. Have had the books for 2+ months now… they’re just automatically renewed every week. 😛

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        1. Oh my goodness! Did you guys have a reclosing??? You’d think we would learn more caution from each other – ran down Orchard Road yesterday (a huge shopping street with wide pavements to run through) – it was thronging with people in the evening. Like nothing was amiss or the matter. I was frankly quite amazed.

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          1. Just some of the gov-funded places in the Seoul area after spikes. I’m not even sure what the official policy is anymore — somewhere between social distancing and reopen the economy. Personally I just continue to avoid crowded indoor spaces.


          2. I, too, am in a muddle about what is the latest goings-on. Like you, I also prefer to avoid crowded places – indoor or outside (if I can help it at all!). Apart from museums which are largely empty (wonder what that says about us as a nation?) I only still go out for groceries. And I do try to seek out the least crowded paths for my runs & walks. Not as easy as it sounds when we live in metropolises like Seoul & Singapore.

            Even as we seek the less-crowded ways, keep safe & well!

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