My evening run took an exploratory turn as we decided to try a route not taken before. As it so often happens when confronted with new sights, I stopped to gawk at various wonders, natural and otherwise.

One of these I thought would be perfect for One Word Sunday: Umbrella hosted by Debbie at TravelWithIntent. I love Raintrees: their immense umbrella-shaped crowns, arching over the landscape, shelter for all manner of creatures.

But several minutes later, while trailing after Loving Husband who had gone on ahead while I spent time with my trees, I spotted and was bemused by something more poignant.

The joy and wonder of exploration!

21 Replies to “Umbrella”

  1. Hahhaa. Love it. Esp since parking under trees, while might be cooler, produce a lot of bird crap and sap from the leaves and flowers. Also, good for the sun too.


      1. Yes, here in Thailand I’ve seen some creative covers to keep the sun off, complete with ties around the side view mirrors. But that umbrella is awesome.


  2. I have always loved rain trees, they’re resplendent in their shape and foliage. and they remind me of my parents’ garden. Now, that umbrella sheltering the car is clever, serves many purposes as Lani in her previous post has said.


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