The Changing Seasons: May 2020

An unfortunate encounter with the sofa resulted in many delightful recuperative walks in the Gardens, visiting with critters I’d not met in a long while.

I came across this article on Scientific American titled The Loneliness of the “Social Distancer” Triggers Brain Cravings Akin to Hunger. Although the release of the article & the advent of Covid19 are coincidental as the study began 3 years ago, it findings are certainly timely in shedding light onto our fascination with food. And if the explosion of food pics & recipes splashed across social media is anything to go by, there are lots of hungry folks out there, myself included.

One of the first things I do each morning before I get out of bed is to greedily scroll through Instagram, searching for the day’s bake.

From top, clockwise: Simit Pogaca (cheesey Turkish butter buns), Lemon Puff Pancake, Biscotti morbidi al limone (soft lemon cookies), Popovers, Basque Burnt Cheesecake.

But more than food, there are other things I dream of: leisurely strolls through supermarket aisles, waffle & ice cream eaten at Cremier, thumbing through books at the library, strolling through a museum. Restrictions are beginning to lift but there will be some degree of self-isolation remaining as those of us at risk wait out to see what the new normal is like. Some time yet before I rush to a bookstore or dine at a cafe. So, I continue to dream. And enjoy vicariously through your posts.

What are you looking forward to in this month of June?

This post is my contribution to The Changing Seasons hosted by Su at zimmerbitch.

34 Replies to “The Changing Seasons: May 2020”

  1. I really miss getting together with my friends and family. Like you, my husband and I are considered high risk, and I have no idea when it will feel safe to be out and about.


  2. I think June is our last month of “lockdown” as afterwards Thailand opens up everything, including international travel, so I want to enjoy this last month of relative peace as much as possible!

    What about you?


    1. I hear you, Lani. I think it will get more tense for us as restrictions ease – more cars & people on the streets already, and so much bad behaviour going around.

      I think our little family will stay cautious for a while yet. It is summer hols coming up, so Older Daughter (Univ) & Husband (teacher) won’t have to go into school for a few months. We are lucky that way.

      Stay well, Lani!

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  3. Thankfully I’ve just eaten dinner, Ju-Lynn, because I would be feeling really hungry looking at your food photos. They look delicious.

    How is your toe? Did you have to run fast to avoid that iguana? You took some beautiful photos at the gardens. That dragonfly is such a gorgeous colour.

    Like you, I’m hanging out for a leisurely coffee and breakfast at a cafe. As we head into winter here, I like to find a sunny sheltered spot and just bask.


    1. Thank you for enjoying the food, Tracy!

      The toe is much better – I am back to running (although not fast at all; it is amazing how much conditioning one loses in just 2 weeks!). The wildlife here aren’t particularly skittish – I think they are just used to having big ones like us share their space.

      Here’s enjoying every day joys while we dream of that coffee & Eggs Ben! (I love brekkie food – I have many permutations that I dream off).

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  4. I must admit I enjoy the animal pictures more than the food pictures. I crave nature. That hot pink dragon fly was certainly a site to behold! Such lovely pictures, all. Happy spotting of fun creatures and eating of yummy foods!


  5. Hi Ju-Lyn, I’m visiting from The Changing Seasons link-up. I hope your toe heals well. It must hurt a lot when the injury happened. Love your photos of nature and food. What’s the name of the black and white birds in your header image? I haven’t seen red dragonflies for a long while. Have a wonderful week!


  6. Omg! That pink (or red?) dragonfly is gorgeous!!! And YES to food (and wanting more of it 😂)! Although in my case it’s more to experiment with food than eating more (quality instead of quantity). And your baked goodies look all so appetizing and delicious!!!


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