Surprise! it’s a Black Bat Flower

Walking in the Learning Forest quite a bit last week, I have been surrounded by healing nature while rehabilitating the injured foot, I have enjoyed much conversation & exercise with Loving Husband because restrictions have been relaxed and we can now exercise with persons from the same household.

On one of these jaunts, Loving Husband stopped dead and peered at the underbrush. At first glance, it looked like a wilted flower. Upon closer squinting, I realised that it was a perfectly healthy specimen of a black bloom. We explored around the area and found other similar plants.

Some googling at home brought us the name of this unusual blossom: the Black Bat Flower. What an alluring name for a stunning find.

This is my contribution to Friendly Friday Photo: Surprise hosted by Amanda at SomethingToPonderAbout & Sandy at TheSandyChronicles.

22 Replies to “Surprise! it’s a Black Bat Flower”

  1. A natural surprise! Did you know I used to have one of these plants – about 30 years ago I think it flowered twice and that was it. Died shortly afterwards. It was so Gothic like! Highly unusual.

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      1. Yes, I kept it in a pot. I have never seen one since then, so it was very unusual. I suppose I could have planted it in the ground, but I kept it in the greenhouse as it looked vulnerable.


  2. Oh wow this is interesting. I’ve never seen a flower of this plant. And good for you that you get to take a walk there now. I’m stuck at home healing my infected lip. Can’t wear mask, can’t go out 😦


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