Isolation Cravings : Company

I haven’t run in the Singapore Botanic Gardens for a long while because I find it demanding to navigate the many fellow-exercisers in the early mornings & late evenings.

As I am rehabilitating a fractured toe, I decided to lace up my shoes for a test-walk. Time of departure was 10am, hours later than I usually set out, so I decided I would chance it in the Gardens.

It was a restorative ramble, although I had to stop often to rest my legs and toe. I had forgotten how healing it is to be surrounded & hugged by greenery. I have missed communing with the plants & flowers: just me, my shadow & little critters for company.

This post is my response to both Friendly Friday Photos hosted by Sandy at TheSandyChronicles and One Word Sunday: Company hosted by Debbie at TravelWith Intent

Feature photo is taken near the Tanglin Gate Entrance of the Singapore Botanic Gardens, featuring a large Sago Palm.

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