when lemons come my way

Dropped my phone on the pavement – cracked my screen. Stubbed my toe on the sofa leg – dislocated it (my toe, unfortunately, not the sofa). Flipped a spoon out of the sink while washing it – bruised my ankle.

Did I mention that I had a klutzy day?

After a sleep, I am dealing with the aftermath. Loving Husband didn’t bat an eyelid at my sadly spidered phone screen, although he is fastidious about buying shock-proof cases & screen protectors for all our devices. My screen protector cracked a few weeks ago so we removed it. Given the current shut-in, we delayed getting a new one which is how I find myself in this bind. He called our Phone Guy and made an appointment to have the screen replaced today. Fortunately, it will not cost an arm & a leg to replace.

Loving Husband splinted my toe this morning and I am able to walk mostly normally. The bruise on my other ankle seems to have subsided from the Arnica I took last night. And so, I go about my business of the morning to deal with lemons.

Last week, my mother gifted me with 10 lemons (I already had 7 sitting in my fridge) She has a neighbour whose brother has copious quantities of excess fruit & vegetables from their wholesale business. For some strange reason, they have produce which they can’t sell. So, we are the happy recipients.

I find myself making a second Lemon Drizzle Cake this week (and lots of dreamy cloud-like Lemon Cookies, which I will share another day). I am very excited to be able to bake this for Su‘s Virtual Tea Party tomorrow. Hope you will come join us!

27 Replies to “when lemons come my way”

  1. Lemons – that’s my weakness. I will be right over, Ju-Lyn!! Lol. If only..
    I haven’t baked this week yet so now I am thinking I don’t want anything else except lemon cake. (My mouth is now watering)

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  2. Oh dear! So much for stay home, stay safe >_< Happens to the best of us but please, no more injuries to self, devices or anything! On another note, when life gives you lemons, make lemon cake, yay πŸ˜‰

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  3. oh Ju, that’s what I call an eventful day and all I did was slice my thumb when peeling an apple, albeit one that was large and kinda cumbersome to hold!! Still much sympathy to your screen, toe and ankle, not necessarily in that order:)

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  4. Ju-Lyn, so sorry you’ve dislocated your toe. Hope the pain relief is still working. My friend swears by Arnica. It is a good time to sit back and relax.
    I love lemons too. So versatile and fresh tasting. We’ve been making lemon butter. A teaspoon of lemon butter with some plain yogurt is my idea of heaven.
    Give that sofa leg a stern talking to, and take care.


    1. Thanks so much for your words of comfort Tracy!
      Arnica is a bit of a miracle worker for our family – not just for pain relief, but for bruising, which I do rather easily. All much better: I can walk fairly normally, and can most of what I need to (which does include a lot of relaxing!!!!)

      Can I trouble you for your lemon butter recipe? It sounds so intriguing! And with yogurt? I am really fascinated!

      I am still ignoring that sofa! When I start speaking to her again, I will give her a piece of my mind! πŸ™‚

      Be well & safe!

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  5. Well they say things come in threes, so I hope you’ve had your quota of mishaps.
    Happy recoveries, Ju-Lyn. (Two lemon drizzle cakes in one week -yum and double yum).


    1. Thanks, Tish. I am being super extra careful to make sure I am done for a bit with mishaps.

      I love the smell of cakes baking; lemon ones all the better! But lest I seem to be eating cake all the time (well, I kinda am), I did give much of our bakes to neighbours and friends!

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