The Changing Seasons: March 2020

I have been Socially Distant since the beginning of February.

Dramatic though this may sound, in fact it is not, as I am not inclined to a great deal of socialising anyway. Having said this, when one should not, can not, must not do Something, that Something becomes all the more attractive as it suddenly become the focus of attention. So, even for an reclusive introvert like myself, I find myself missing my friends and family.

This is Holy Week: traditionally the most busy week in our church calendar. And yet, no waving of palms, no preparation to sing for Passion Service, no crowding in church to sing Alleluia on Easter Sunday. Here is where I feel it the most.

Last night, we sat in my parent’s living room for our dose of Edutainment. Zesty Father, Sanguine Mother, Loving Husband, Stoic Older Daughter, Tender-hearted Younger Daughter have been our Social Group for the past couple of months. After yet another sumptuous meal prepared by Sanguine Mother, our culinary genius, we sat down to conversation. We decided that each time we met, some of us would share a song, or a reflection, or a poem, or a presentation on a topic of interest (yes, the Homeschooler is showing up).

As part of Zesty Father’s sharing, he pulled out a copy of our family (my parents & siblings) newsletter circa 1998 and read from part of it. We laughed till tears streamed down our faces, much to the bemusement of my spouse & children. Which of course, inevitably led to the idea of a Reunion edition, extended to in all our spouses & children.

We originally wrote this newsletter to keep in touch as our little family scattered across the globe. This is a good time for a Reboot.

This post is my contribution to The Changing Seasons hosted by Su at zimmerbitch.

Feature Post is Robert Indiana‘s sculpture outside Winsland House II: a reminder of important family.

14 Replies to “The Changing Seasons: March 2020”

  1. So true about the attraction of things we can’t have! I’m more of an introvert myself but these days it’s not as much fun as usual. 😕 That food looks delicious! Wishing you a Happy Easter!


  2. So glad you had this wonderful time of laughter. My husband’s parents put together a monthly newsletter that all his siblings contribute to. I wonder if anyone is saving those to look back on some day. What fun. 🙂
    But… was there frosting? 😉


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