Art Unexpected

This work titled Far From Home (Meeting Place) 2019 by Paphonsak La-or has surprising details as you look closer.

This work is part of a series created for Singapore Biennale 2019. This feast of contemporary art spread over 11 locations features works by artists & art collectives from all over the world.  This week found me at Gilman Barracks where I encountered this instalment of Far From Home.

Paphonsak’s series is inspired by Kraibaan a journal written by King Chulalongkorn of Siam in 1907. The journal contained photographs of European landscapes which stirred Paphonsak to paint 121 picturesque landscape paintings based on photographs of countries where a number of Thai and other Southeast Asian individuals reside due to political reasons. These landscape painting are exhibited at the National Gallery of Singapore which we viewed a month or so ago. When I first walked by these landscapes, I thought they a photographic series. Only upon stopping & looking carefully, did I realise they were, in fact, acrylic paintings.art9 11.16.53 PM

The above featured work at Gilman Barracks is an outdoor painting of an anonymous person, created by superimposing the portraits of the 121 individuals. This work also contains vine flowers made from leftover paint.


This post is my contribution to Friendly Friday Photo Challenge: Unexpected Art hosted by Sandy at TheSandyChronicles & Amanda at SomethingToPonderAbout.



6 Replies to “Art Unexpected”

  1. This piece and the story behind it is amazing, I’m so glad you shared. Personally I love that the original paintings of Far from Home were based on the King’s postcards to his family from all over the world (I love postcards). And the first article mentioned the artist’s work aims to unite “us” versus “them” — a topic I’ve been thinking about a lot lately in light of all that’s going on. And finally, those acrylic paint leaves really draw you in towards the piece–how nice it must’ve been to experience it in person!


    1. Am so glad you share in my delight of the series! It was fun to go to the 3 different sites to view the various pieces – with each one, there is greater insight into what the artist is saying.

      Yes yes! Postcards are right up your alley!


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