Art of Still Life

One of the greatest joys of being part of this WordPress Community is learning: new words, new ideas and re-educating myself on what I thought I knew before; thanks to all you lovely BlogFriends who constantly challenge and introduce nuggets of wisdom & fun goodies!

LittlePiecesOfMe hosts a monthly Photo Adventure. Her focus for February is Still Life. I thought I knew what still life is: dismal attempts in school painting apples & eggplants, flower vases holding wilted carnations. But Still Life photography? Intrigued, I turned to Google to further educate myself.

My attempt at composing a Still Life

From what I gather, the still life photographer creates the image, rather than captures a moment. The photographer brings their creative vision to life by setting the stage for the objects, playing with light and composition. This art shares much with its still life painting counterpart,

So, I have been taking still lifes without realising it: colourful breakfast photos, flowers found on the wet pavement, crafty endeavours taken overhead because they looked cool.

But now that I understand there is a purposefulness to the process, I am overtaken by a sense of gravity. It is no longer just chucking fruit & nut on top of my oatmeal and snapping it for Instagram & Facebook. I will think twice about which bowl I pull out of the cupboard. I will cut my fruit more carefully. I will pick the best place to take the photograph. And perhaps, begin the whole process by asking myself what I want to communicate through my composition.

What are some of the things you think about when you arrange your still lifes?

14 Replies to “Art of Still Life”

  1. THIS…So much THIS! I agree that still lives give us so much more artistic control than other types of photography. And yet, I find that I am not very good at it. Part of why I wanted it to be a monthly theme.

    You’ve done excellent job with image.


  2. I’ve always loved still life paintings from the Old Masters to the moderns and I’m slowly getting acquainted with still life photography. Your attempts Ju have made me want to experiment with the medium, at the very least it won’t be messy!


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