Coffee Conversations: snatching moments of restoration

Loving Husband & Older Daughter were enjoying some quiet time after breakfast.

Catching up on their reading, peppered with giggling & guffawing/

That was a little more than an hour ago. The scene has much altered. Loving Husband is waiting with the car, in the sun, for Automobile Association to help with a tire nut which will not budge despite his best efforts. As we were headed out to lunch with my parents, we found a flat tire. So while the patient man continues to wait, the rest of us have filed upstairs to make the requisite changes to our plans.

Life happens.

This post is my contribution to Friendly Friday Photo Challenge: Coffee Conversations hosted by Sandy at TheSandyChronicles & Amanda at SomethingToPonderAbout. Also to One Word Sunday: Restoration hosted by Debbie at TravelWithIntent.

Lead photo features Loving Husband’s brew of the morning: Smokey Earl Grey Tea and Older Daughter’s choice of water. Both cups sit on lace coasters tatted by Crafty Older Daughter.

15 Replies to “Coffee Conversations: snatching moments of restoration”

  1. Gear snapshot on time –
    The kind of photo that says 1,000 words with people, view, Musical Instrument etc
    And we have Been there with a stubborn lug nut on a tire – my spouse had a stripped one to
    Remove and had to get a special tool
    To get it off…
    Yes – life happens


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