Flowers for the Lunar New Year

We have worked hard to eliminate one-use plastics in our home: silicon baggies to replace ziplocks (and when we do have to use ziplocks, we wash and reuse them as much as we can), reusable bags for groceries, forks/spoons/straws/collapsable containers in our daypacks/handbags to avoid using disposables when we eat out and when we have leftovers. And yet it seems we are making hardly a dent.

I am all for beautifying our city, especially during Christmas, and currently, the Lunar New Year. I do wonder whether the resources we expend could perhaps be better spent elsewhere. Given all that is happening around the world, is there room left for impartiality? It feels like time for desperate change. How will I answer the call to make a real difference to our hurt and faltering earth?

This post is my contribution to One Word Sunday: Plastic hosted by Debbie at TravelWithIntent.

14 Replies to “Flowers for the Lunar New Year”

  1. I’m trying to do the same Ju-Lyn, in keeping with my word of the year – Alignment – and plan to do a blog post about this soon. If we all do a little, I think it adds up to a lot in the end. And the more we do, the more we inspire others to do and this is how long-term change is effected. At least that is what I believe.


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    1. Hear hear Deb! I love your word – looking forward to your post.

      I think each little step must be taken. And I do believe in my heart of hearts that it will inspire greater change than we perhaps are capable alone. But some days are harder than others – which is why inspiration and encouragement comes from you all, in this Community of ours.

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  2. Good point, Ju-Lyn. Does the individual plastic or reuseable fork make any difference? Maybe not as the populations expand so quickly and plastic production and consumption grows.
    It is time for the governments to act in a big way. Don’t give up your practice though. There is always hope we can turn the tide!


  3. It’s tough, I know, especially when I hear stories about all the trash in the ocean. So very very sad. I just hope that enough people are doing what they can that it really will make a difference.


  4. I know how you feel. Some of us tie ourselves in knots trying to do the right thing, and others seem totally oblivious. I saw the remnants of a balloon arch abandoned in a park after a child’s birthday party. What sort of parent organised a picnic for their kid’s birthday and then brings that sort of junk along. Grrrrrr.


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