taking time for little things … and not so little things

All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.

JRR Tolkien

I am a sucker for flowers on the ground: whether they form a carpet of colour on the pavement or sit smug & all alone, I can’t help smiling, and often, stopping to snap a shot.

This is a frangipani I double-backed for as I was running out of the Singapore Botanic Gardens. I must have made a peculiar sight, squatting on the ground for a spell. The pavement was quite hot by then, so I didn’t sprawl on the ground as I’d preferred.

In contrast to enjoying these little quiet moments, Excited Younger Daughter, her Intrepid Traveller Grandparents and I are on our way to Tokyo, Japan. This is far from a quiet moment as she has been looking forward to her Graduation Trip with Grandparents.

My Energetic & Generous Parents take each Grandchild on a High School Graduation Trip of their choice. Most of them live in the United States, so they fly out to Singapore to meet up with my parents and they head to their chosen destination from here. With 7 grandkids, they have made quite a commitment to spend special time with each GrandChild (& their accompanying parent). I take my hat off to them.

It is now Disney-mad Younger Daughter’s turn. Although she hasn’t technically graduated from High School as she is on her “Create My Own Path” homeschool programme, we all decided this is a great time as any to celebrate. So, we are off to Tokyo Disney Resort for 5 nights. Then to Chiba for another 5:  to see a castle, a shrine & a museum.  And eat lots of sushi, onigiri, ramen & mocha. We will certainly make full use of our time!

Leaving you with one of our favourite Disney songs at the moment – hope you enjoy it.

This post is in response to a Quotation-Inspired Image hosted by Debbie at TravelWithIntent.

19 Replies to “taking time for little things … and not so little things”

  1. That is a beautiful tradition you have in your family. A great experience for the young ones too. We have the awful ‘schoolies week’ tradition on the Gold Coast at Surfers Paradise. Drunken parties etc Have you heard of it, Ju-Lyn? Thankfully none of my three kids ever attended.


        1. I know right? Which is why my parents (and we as parents) decided to make alcohol part of the children’s education. We were allowed to try various drinks when we were quite young, so the mystery & the idea of a forbidden fruit was dispelled.

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          1. A wise Danish friend once said to me that one should be educated in terms of alcohol use whilst in the protective arena of our home by responsible parents. That is what I did with my kids. They knew what to expect and the risks involved.


  2. That is sooooo sweet!! what a generous thing to do for family! I see above you went to Uni in Texas?? where? I might have known that about you but have forgotten. are you speaking of south padre island for spring break?? haha. have fun at Disney – love that place 🙂


    1. It is very generous of my folks to do this! And in this case, I get the benefit of going along for the ride! We love Disney too!

      Went to Baylor – and yes, South Padre Island was a rather popular choice (although I haven’t been there myself). I wasn’t particularly sociable and was fortunate to have my godparents in Ft Worth, so spent many of my breaks there.

      Did you school in Texas too?

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      1. I hope you all had a great time at Disney. The food you posted actually looked pretty good!!

        That is interesting you went to Baylor!! Great school – long way from home for you – was that hard? I guess with grandparents near by that helped a bunch.

        Yes! I went to Texas A&M in College Station. Just a hop, skip and a jump from you. I left TX about 18 years ago and never looked back 🙂


  3. Such an awesome thing the grandparents are doing for each of their grandchildren! And what a beautiful frangipani – I would have gone to the ground for it as well. 😊


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