In consideration of One Word Sunday: Volume hosted by Debbie at TravelWithIntent, I am thinking of our visit to Lon Lon Local Diner in Bangkok a couple of months ago.

volume2The pictured refreshing beverage was for Loving Husband & GastroFather. With the
birth of Older Daughter, I developed a peculiar sensitivity to alcohol (even in cake! no more trifle or tiramisu for me!), so I was drinking Chrysanthemum tea.

What is your favourite tipple?

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  1. This is hard! I have so many favourite drinks (alcoholic and otherwise). It depends on the season and my mood. I start every day with a latte but I also love to drink tea. I enjoy wine and also a very dry vodka martini (with olives). This summer I started loving gin and tonics. When I am in Barbados, I drink rum punches and Banks beer.
    However, when I am thirsty nothing hits the spot like a tall glass of good old water.
    Chrysanthemum tea looks yummy!


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  2. That video reminded me a little of the beauty and the beast song where Gaston is drinking in the bar and they all dance…
    And I will join you with the tea / but make mine mint or black!
    Almost to the point where we don’t drink at all anymore – just don’t want to put alcohol in my body

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      1. Mmmmm
        And my favorite tea right now is Tazo “awake” with unsweetened almond milk and sometimes w butter
        But they still use a staple on their bags and surprised by that – I like the teabags without staples – and I sometimes do loose leaf but bags are good for me too


  3. Iโ€™m a coffee drinker, though I do like builderโ€™s tea โ€” not too much milk. I prefer white wines to red, and occasionally have a craft beer, usually lager. I also like some whiskeys, but seldom drink spirits.

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  4. I am a coffee refugee. I love that drink but it sure didn’t love me. So now I am a loose leaf tea drinker. And I notice I am getting fussier about what tea I drink. A Lavender/citrus blend is divine.


  5. Oh, I love the chill of this glasses – very inviting.
    As for my favourites, that is harder. First cup of the day has to be a strong, hot tea. Mid-morning has to be a strong coffee. My favourite cocktail is negroni. And I love red wine, and a good non-peaty whisky/whiskey


  6. Chrysanteum tea sounds lovely! As weird as it may sound but water is my favourite drink, followed by green tea, coffee and fruit juice. I drink only very little alcohol but when I do I like whiskey, craft beer and gin&bitter lemon. ๐Ÿ˜Š


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