fruit of a different route

I am a creature of habit. If left unchecked, I will drive by familiar roads, walk by the same paths, cook tried & tested family favourites. Yet, because someone wise told me long ago that I should break routine at least once a day for the purposes of stimulating  creativity, I try to shake it up a little when I can.

Today’s run took me down a different turn in the Singapore Botanic Gardens, where I chanced upon this whimsical sculpture. I love that the figures are sculpted from mesh & hence appear differently as you walk around them. I am also very taken by the philosophy with which this work was gifted: questions to ponder as I meander through the day along different paths.

What about you? Do you prefer routine? or do you shake your routines up each day?


I take these pictures in consideration of Delsey Jane’s RegularRandom challenge.

Feature Image is sculpted by Victor Tan Wee Tar and is titled “Passing of Knowledge”

17 Replies to “fruit of a different route”

  1. I try to mix things up when I can. I definitely have to make myself do it! Those sculptures are pretty cool – What a nice running route :-).


    1. Thanks for sharing in my delight, Joanne!

      Aren’t we all a bit of a mishmash? I applaud your attitude to trying new/different things – it often takes me a while to get my head around it! But like you, I am mostly pleasantly surprised with the results!

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  2. I like the sculpture and your sharing about your preference for habit
    I don’t mind routine but I did just start getting off at a different exit because I was tired of the other exit! They are about exactly the same amount of time – and the new one is just fresh


    1. Thanks for sharing Sarah!

      I think to continue to produce creatively we almost have to be on our toes all the time to shock our system and our senses to experience our surroundings differently!

      And when we return to routine, it can be such a relief!


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