little surprising treasures

“Darling, when you run tomorrow morning, see if you can find this?” came this request as he pushed his computer in front of my nose. Peering at his photograph of what looked like a sweet bun nestled among leaves, I looked enquiringly at him as Loving Husband explained that he chanced upon this curiosity, stark against the dark of foliage, made even more interesting in the twilight hour of his run in the Singapore Botanic Gardens. “I want to know what it looks like now” he explained.

Loving Husband’s “location” guide”

Armed with a memory of his photographs (I’m not sure why I didn’t just download them into my phone) and an explanation of where I might find it, I stopped where I thought the tree might been, 2 days after he first spotted this bud of wonder. Passerbyers must have thought me somewhat peculiar as I peered here and there, checking first the shapes of the trees, then closer to see if there was anything that resembled the photo. It took some minutes, but I finally found it. You can understand why I was having some trouble as it now looked quite different.

I excitedly sent Loving Husband photographic evidence to which he responded “You found it? It bloomed! What does it smell like?” To which I responded “There were two very excited bees visiting – I didn’t get close enough to smell it!”

Later that evening, we shared our story & photographs with the girls; Older Daughter promptly whipped out our copy of 1001 Garden Plants in Singapore, thumbed through the pages and proudly announced: this is a Gustavia Superba, also commonly known as Membrillo. Treasure found & identified.

Apparently, the flowers “harbour a repulsive odour”. Thank you, bees!

Have you found any treasures this week?

Feature Photo taken by Loving Husband: bud of the Gustavia Superba (Membrillo), native to Northern South America (Columbia to Costa Rica).

This post is my 5 minutes of RegularRandom, hosted by DelseyJane at MusingsofaFrequentFlyingScientist


10 Replies to “little surprising treasures”

  1. What a lovely find Ju-Lyn and such a beautiful flower! The bees were a true blessing, I would have been curious to smell the flower too 😉💗🌺


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