Five Minutes with an Art Bridge

A nostalgic visit with one of my favourite bridges & art pieces which has since been refreshed. I haven’t run this way in a long while and it was a delightful way to spend 5 minutes (okay, maybe more like 15 minutes) reacquainting myself with this landmark.


The Alkaff Bridge is one of several footbridges that span the Singapore River.  It was painted as a gift to Singapore by Pacita Abad, Hers is an inspirational gift as as she was struggling with cancer and passed on the year the painting was completed. It was a pleasant surprise to see the painting rejuvenated in celebration of her life and the life of the river.


This post is my contribution to Six Word Saturday hosted by Deb at TravelWithIntent and Regular Random hosted by DelseyJane at MusingsofaFrequentFlyingScientist


11 Replies to “Five Minutes with an Art Bridge”

  1. Thank
    You for sharing the different views of the bridge because it gave us a better feel for it! And what a nice piece of work to leave behind and I could imagine the artist painting it – likely kept her spirits up as her health declined


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