fly with the wind without wings

A trip to Bangkok would not be complete without a run in Lumpini Park, or a visit with my favourite Botero-esque tribute to womanhood.

This morning’s run reminded me of why I run.

the sheer joy of being out in nature (photo courtesy of Loving Husband)
running alongside people of various shapes & sizes; everyone has stopped for a Moment of Respect as the National Anthem broadcasts through the park at 8am (photo courtesy of Loving Husband)

Loving Husband and I ran amongst hardcore runners, walkers, strollers and taichi practitioners, with a smile on our faces for the duration of our outing. The vibe was upbeat and contagious. A balm for our spirits before we brave the Bangkok traffic in search of food, shopping & museums. 

Feature Photo: Winning entry for “Women in the Next Three Decades” on the occasion of Dichan Magazine’s 30th Anniversary in 2007 by Sahathep Thepburi.

This is my contribution to Six Word Saturday and One Word Sunday: Fly hosted by Debbie at TravelWithIntent.

8 Replies to “fly with the wind without wings”

  1. How interesting that the national anthem is broadcast in the morning. I would love to learn tai-chi and practice in the open air.
    dropping by from the 6WS linkup.


  2. I LOVE that statue. That’s pretty well how I feel when I run 😉
    Seriously, I really do miss running. With any luck and the help of some great professionals I will resolve my feet issues and be able to run again.


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