Musing & Marvelling in Pleasurable Reverie

Are you prone to daydreaming? Apparently this is a strong indicator that you have an active and well-equipped brain! Well, if only my teachers had known this I would have been commended instead of chastised when my attention wandered.

Are you a daydreamer?

“Lady on a Hammock” sculpted by Sydney Harpley, commissioned & presented by David Marshall (Singapore’s 1st Chief Minister) in 1989.


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9 Replies to “Musing & Marvelling in Pleasurable Reverie”

  1. This study is so cool!!! I have always been a day dreamer, and it actually can get quite annoying especially when listening to podcasts because I have to rewind them all the time haha. Thanks for sharing this- I found it absolutely fascinating and it makes me feel better about all my day dreaming 🙂


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