Circles of Life

Feature Photo is entitled Control by Nakamura Ryuji. It is one of the works shown at the Takeo Paper Show: Subtle Delicate or Infinitesimal.

This past December while in London, I had the chance to visit this incredible exhibition at Japan House. All the exhibits rested on custom built tables which were masterpieces in themselves. The works were created by living artists, working in paper, across many disciplines: art, animation, architecture, fashion, graphic design and literature.

It was such a feast for the senses – unfortunately,  I wasn’t able to capture these creations with my camera phone, due to lack of focus (lots of stunned gawking) & skill (sigh … no excuses).  Here is a link which might give you a taste of some of these wonderful creations.

I am thinking of this exhibition on account of Debbie’s One-Word Sunday: Circles, as the above work is made up of such tiny rings of paper.

In thinking of Circles, I think of several close friends who have lost loved ones just this year.  Younger Daughter has become quite philosophical about the many wakes we’ve attended, and she comforts us all by reminding us that it is all part of the Circle of Life.


18 Replies to “Circles of Life”

    1. Amazing, right?
      That was one of the the Wows! of this exhibition (and the difficulty in photographing the work) – the scale just could not be captured. Each little ring is slightly smaller than a ring one would wear!

      Hope you enjoyed browsing the website!

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      1. Need to take time exploring the website but so far I really enjoyed the picture you shared – sounds cheesy but a little can be a lot – but I do look forward to checking out the site


          1. Hi – just a handful more for this month – I am not posting every day and also I am keeping it light (like not doing too much research – just mood exploring it that makes sense)


  1. I too thought they were metal circles when I first looked at the photo.

    As spring approaches tomorrow, it seems fitting to bring up the circle of life. In the past week I’ve been cleaning out old journals I’ve kept. They are full of reminders of the friends and family I’ve lost in the past dozen-or-so years. Today I’m truly feeling the meaning of the expression ‘the weight of the years”.


    1. Even looking at the work in person, it was difficult to get into my head that they were made of paper!

      You have captured exactly what I’ve been feeling, Joanne! I don’t particularly think go myself of getting on in years (as I still have so much I want to do!), but as life events unfold and as the world continues to turn, and relationships take their course, it really is a reminder that regardless of my mindset, time is passing. And with that comes wistfulness and sadness.

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  2. Knowing that you also love to create art with paper, this must have been the perfect exhibition for you. 😉 And it is so amazing too!
    Love that song by Elton John. 😊


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