Finding Treasure: the most delectable crêpe

I have long known of La Crêperie de Hampstead, recommended by numerous friends as London’s most typical Parisian street crêperie. They are situated permanently in a “food truck” on Hampstead High Street, down the road from Hampstead Station.


Although we have ventured into Hampstead many times through the years, it was only last week that we chanced them upon them opening their windows – and so we got second in line, excited to finally try this promised delight.

Huddled in a side street, we burned our tongues as we bit into our crêpes too quickly! We made short work of the light crispy buckwheat galettes, full of ooey gooey cheese & filling (ratatouille for me, ham for Older Daughter). As we licked our fingers clean, we sighed in satisfaction at an experience all too soon over, ginormous though we had thought the crêpes.

Dreaming of what we will have next time.

29 Replies to “Finding Treasure: the most delectable crêpe”

      1. I love it in American-style pancakes as well. I’ve also had it as a grain – kasha – it’s quite good. I have heard it is a winter grain and therefore warming as well. Great to have this time of year.


          1. I have only made it once – about 20 years ago but that’s my recollection. Of course it has a stronger flavour than rice but it is quite nice.


      1. 🙂
        I’ve used them like cous cous or quinoa in salads, and in granola.

        I do soak them before I cook them in water (which means they cook really quickly), but for the granola, I’ve just cooked them from their dry state.


          1. I feel the same way. I’m thinking of not sweetening the next batch at all because I eat it with fresh fruit, and milk is naturally sweet (I use dairy milk). And I figure if I really want it sweeter, I can throw a spoonful into my bowl. The other thing I am going to do is add more fresh ginger. I grated a little piece into the mix before I toasted it, and it is wonderful!!!!!


          2. Isn´t it just?!?! 😀
            I knew you´d like the taste and extra crunch. 😀 I love sprinkling it on top of my muesli, salad or even soup, butternut for instance. The possibilities are endless! 😉

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