Season of Travail: A and I Poetry Challenge

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Mulling over metre & rhyme (iambic pentametre, feminine endings, sprung rhythms), good & bad rhymes (is there such a thing?) & the humorous nuggets of wisdom found in Stephen Fry’s The Ode Less Travelled has kept me suitably occupied these past weeks. The exercises found here have brought me back to the basics of poetry creation which have been at the same time enlightening and exhausting.

So in response to September’s A and I Poetry Challenge, I cheekily submitted a quatrain I’d written as part of my studies, although what was called for was a limerick. Older Daughter frowned rather alarmingly at this blatant disregard for the task set, so I thought I’d better set things right and submit the above Limerick.


Feature Photo: “Nurturing” by Vanessa Marston, Frangipani Lawn, Singapore Botanic Gardens

19 Replies to “Season of Travail: A and I Poetry Challenge”

  1. True words, Ju-Lyn. I had a chuckle at your daughter’s reaction at changing the rules!!
    The limerick is an interesting poetic form. Appearing so simple, yet can be so complex. One must be succinct, perfect the rhyme, while at the same time, convey a message. Not easy to do and you have nailed it perfectly!! I have been moving house so the September round up post has been slightly delayed. A pingback should be coming your way soon!
    Thanks so much for being a regular participant and sharing your words with us.


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