Lift Me Up! 5 Minutes with Mama & Child

I run past this sculpture often; it is one of my favourite features in the Singapore Botanic Gardens. In consideration of  Dutch Goes The Photo‘s Tuesday Photo Challenge: Lift, I stopped this morning to revisit with Mama & Child. I previously posted a similar series of photos almost a year ago. If you take a look, you can see that the shrubs have lushly grown around it; one of the reasons I love outdoor art – the work evolves as the environment changes around it.

As I took time to enjoy the sculpture, I am reminded of the complicated relationships we have with our mothers. I chuckle every time I recall my mom’s exasperated retorts at my countless eye-rollings, “Wait until you become a mother!”. Yes, Mommy, I do understand better now.

Regardless of the struggles, I have learned that the love mothers have for their children is resilient & indelible. How many times have Mamas physically lifted us up & out of scrapes, cheered us up when we’ve had a bad day, challenged us to lift ourselves higher than we ever thought we could, loved us unconditionally even at our most ugly and detestable. She is always there.  Hugs to all the Mothers in our lives!


This is also my contribution to DelseyJane’s Regular Random.

Feature Photo and the rest of the photos are of a sculpture called  Swing Me, Mama. It is sculpted in serpentine (spring stone) by Dominic Benhura (1995).  


15 Replies to “Lift Me Up! 5 Minutes with Mama & Child”

  1. that ABBA song was new – and whew – flashback and they have some nice voices..
    and I need to quote you on this at some point:

    the love mothers have for their children is resilient & indelible.

    so well said



    1. Isn’t ABBA great? I haven’t listened to them in a while, and actually, the reminder of the song came from Mama Mia, the Movie. But I went back to listen to the original from ABBA and was reminded of why they dominated the music scene for so long!

      Thank you for taking the time to pore through my post – for your affirmation. I appreciate so much your support & encouragement, Yvette!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. This is sooo beautiful, and I’m not even a mother! I am getting there (hopefully) in a couple years and it’s so amazing to hear about the depth (and resilience 😉 ) of a mother’s love! Also, these pictures are perfect for the metaphor. xo


  3. What a beautiful post, Ju-Lyn! I love outdoor art for exactly that same reason and am always fascinated by the ones you present for us in your posts. This one is so lovely and wraps up the relationship between mother and child very neatly – as do your lovely words of reflection. 😊


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