The Changing Seasons, August 2018

One of the challenges as a parent, and indeed, as a participant in this world, is making the choice between the comfort of routine and the zen of going with the flow. As you would have undoubtedly experienced, most of us live somewhere in between these two ideals.

Exploring the Northern Trail of the Chestnut Nature Park

Routine: a sequence of actions regularly followed.

As a young person, I clung to routine as I planned my life fastidiously. In retrospect, I did that in the attempt to control the chaos that was my family situation. As young parents, we decided to try the go with the flow approach: eat, sleep, do pretty much everything as and when it suited us and the children. I find myself in an interesting place in my life now: the lifestyles of those around me necessitate some routine (as their chauffeur & meal preparer), but as I am retired, most of the day is my own. With some degree of structure to my days/weeks/months, I enjoy the process of taking diversions, changing plans, and making things up as I go.

One routine that has emerged in recent years is to spend time in exercise. Most of these outings are spent alone, but sometimes, I disrupt the routine to share it with friends & family. July was a month of visits & travel with family; while bonding and precious, it was a whirlwind which left me quite depleted. These past weeks in August has been about reacquainting myself with nature and breathing in The Green; a time of rejuvenation.

Sharing time with Loving Husband & Younger Daughter, Singapore Botanic Gardens

Do you prefer routine? or to go with the flow? or a little of both?

This is written in response to the following challenges:

As I cobble these thoughts together, I listen to Holtz’ Jupiter, from a work I enjoy so much, The Planets. The carefree journey he takes us on, swelling to exuberance, captures a great deal of how I feel when I am on the trail. Enjoy!

Feature Photo: taken at MacRitchie Reservoir Park, on a run with Loving Husband.

16 Replies to “The Changing Seasons, August 2018”

  1. Lovely thoughtful meditation Ju-Lyn. First off, I hope you feel replenished and revitalised soon. I think you’re right about existing in tension between structure and spontaneity. I like order and plans of my own making, but tend to baulk at having to follow others’ plans. Thanks as always for being part of the Changing Seasons community.


    1. Thank you, Su, I am feeling pretty balanced and reoriented now.

      Thank you for weighing in. I guess that the price of us independant types is that we prefer to steer!

      Are you kidding? I look forward the CS every month! It is one of the things that anchors me! Thank you for making it all possible!

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  2. This is actually something I have been thinking about a lot lately!! I am also someone who has always loved routine. But with college, nursing, etc. routine is not something that really is in the equation. I have learned to find a sort of routine in the chaos and be more flexible. BUT with that I will say I am so very excited to start school so I can have a semblance of a routine again!


  3. Both routine and spontaneity should be part of everyday life, maybe not in equal measures but if there’s too much routine things can get boring pretty quickly I think.😉 That said, I like it when things go exactly as planned – which they seldom do! 😂


    1. I hear you, Sarah! I’m not a huge fan of unexpected change, but I get why it happens, so I try not to freak out too much when things don’t happen as I plan (although I wish they would!)

      I have found that one of the joys of planning is then changing those plans. That said, I like to be the one doing the changing!!!!

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