5 Minutes with a Country Church in the City

St George’s Church is a quaint church on a hill near where we live. As I rounded the corner early this morning, I couldn’t resist stopping to take these in the early morning light.


In response to  Debbie’s One Word Sunday Challenge for this week: Selfie, I tried my hand at it. I admire those who seem to effortlessly take selfies, while I struggle with which to look, how to hold the camera with one hand to get everything in the shot.

This is also my contribution to DelseyJane’s Regular Random.

As I spent these few quite minutes with St George’s, this song came to mind. Hope you enjoy it!

12 Replies to “5 Minutes with a Country Church in the City”

    1. It is indeed a working church – Jo’s piano teacher, Michelle, worships there! I didn’t go in to take photos (because I was sweaty in my running togs) but it is very old-fashioned (not air-conned) and quaint inside.


  1. A beautiful church, Ju-lyn! It looks so peaceful and calm, especially this early in the morning. And I´ve got the same problems at taking selfies – most of the time I kind of look like an alien with a too big head on my shoulders! LOL! 😀


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