Through the glass darkly: A and I Poetry Challenge May 2018

Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 11.42.15 AM


  1. In response to the following photo prompt by A and I Poetry Challenge


  1. Inspired by  Jostein Gaarder’s book by the same name, phrase originates from I Cor 13:12
  2. Poetic form attempted  is the Diamante
  3. This is the music I thought of as I wrote:

Feature Photo is taken at Swan Lake, Singapore Botanic Gardens.  It is my contribution to Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge, Liquid.


22 Replies to “Through the glass darkly: A and I Poetry Challenge May 2018”

  1. I love the feature photo and more importantly how you used the poem to enhance the photo. It was a difficult photo to write about, but you mastered it very well.


      1. It is an actual deer, taxidermied and covered with glass orbs. It’s an adult deer, so quite big and literally life-size. I found it quite a disturbing piece of sculpture. The orbs act to magnify the animal beneath so there are places where the hide is not just visible, but enlarged. 🤔


        1. Wow! I can only imagine what the size of the installation will do to how we perceive it! Thanks for describing it … this is the only problem with viewing art through photographs – I know it is better than not getting to see it at all, but we lose so much.

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          1. I totally get that. I love seeing photos of art exhibitions, and so often if I get to the actual exhibition, it looks different. But I appreciate the photos for those (many) I don’t get to in person.

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  2. Lol. I also attempted the diamante (in Afrikaans and without reference to the posted picture) and just finished it, not knowing whether I am anywhere near the goalpost. I love your interpretation and the music.


  3. Ju Lyn, all of your posts just bring the word “beautiful” to mind. The poem you wrote is magnificent & the sonata is truly gorgeous too. Thank you for sharing!


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